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Whether you are an experienced actor, or you are just starting out, you know there are many factors which will determine how successful you will be. The entertainment industry is difficult at best and you must be motivated and persistent to get the parts you want. You must have talent,of course, and the required tools of the trade- professional headshots, training and the ability to market your product which is YOU! Save time, money and stamps by e-mailing your page's web address when responding to casting notices by e-mail!

  • Your very own personalized web page featuring 2 looks in black and white: commercial and theatrical (or two commerical looks, or two theatrical looks. You get the idea). Be seen 24 hours per day, 365 days per year (for 1 calendar year) by Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Talent Agents, and Production Companies.

  • Your unique web address can be e-mailed when responding to online casting notices.

  • Your resume is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by film professionals of all types. You supply us with your resume and we take it from there!

  • Be listed in our "Featured Actor" showcase for at least one month where you get top billing and great exposure.

  • Includes a listing in our Talent Directory with a link to your headshot and resume page.

  • Includes two headshot slideshow

  • Includes a password to "The Background Actor's Guide" online. Click Here To View Sample Index. This is a \\$14.95 value, free to you for signing up with the headshot gallery!

  • You also receive two free updates (links, information change, resume update etc.)to keep your information current.

  • Includes free access to our casting notices page. Auditions for union and non-union film projects are made available to you 24 hours per day.

  • Where else can you get so much for such a low, low cost?

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    Please carefully read ordering and access instructions below.
    You may order with your credit card or by debit card through PayPal, our online payment service. PayPal allows you to send payments to anyone with an e-mail address. Please send your payment to our e-mail address at "". Your credit card number and personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared or sold to anyone!

    After making your payment, CLICK HERE to be taken to the Talent Directory information form. Important: Do not fill out this form until after your payment is sent! Upon receipt of your payment, your listing in the talent directory will be posted with 48 hours. The information you provide will be placed in a directory listing for your state.

    Your headshot should be a professional black and white photo. E-mail us your headshot & resume to Your headshot must be in a jpg or gif format (201 X 277 pixels). You can have your headshot(s) scanned at Kinkos or a similar copy center to a disk for a small fee.

    If you are new to acting and have limited or no experience, you can choose to display your headshot and personal statistics only (without a resume or training). If needed, you may add your resume at a later date.

    We cannot guarantee you will get work. We cannot guarantee the credentials of anyone who might offer you work, so be cautious when responding to offers for auditions or work. We are not responsible for any claims made by anyone who offers you work, nor are we responsible for payment of any work you might perform for someone who responds to your listing. All rights are retained by "Big Break Productions".